Robin Spielmann

Design Engineer

Hey, I amRobin↗–  a design Engineer living in Munich, who enjoys working at the intersection of code, design and art.

Besides building stuff for the internet, there are several other things that make a day in my life a good day. I enjoy being outside with with my camera, trying to wrap the chaos of the environment into minimalist photos or simply to have a relaxed walk, being attentive to my surroundings. Furthermore I like to experiment with generative art↗ – there's nothing quite like making a computer create something that looks like it was made by a toddler with a box of crayons. And then, if there's still time and energy left, I'll probably be on the couch with a book because I'm trying to spend more time reading. Otherwise, I like to discover new music and watch some good movies↗ or TV series↗.

This personal website is my own little space on the internet where I want to share my interests and passions with others, without having to please the algorithms of social media platforms or follow any other rules. I hope you enjoy exploring my digital living room as much as I enjoyed creating it.